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    Post: Drunk and hostile boss

    Posted by Jeana on 10/04/11

    I am working for a company in La Crosse My boss is
    constintly drunk and hostile. I am now under the threat of
    the company closing. I am in need of advice and a lawyer
    that can help me through this. I am only staying at the job
    because I can not afford to go on unemployment or start
    over at another job. I am under a great deal of stress
    because I am the only worker and expected to do the job of
    6 other people. He rarely remembers scheduling most of the
    vehicles and is to drunk to help me with the work. I would
    leave but I have a family to raise. The only reason I am
    still there is the money. I need to know what legal actions
    that I can take .

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