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    Post: chamging a megans law tier

    Posted by Dee on 11/04/11

    I understood once a person was tiered such as a tier I, that
    even if moved out of the original state that the tier was
    federal and could not be changed unless the person committed
    another same offense, I moved out of NJ to Dela. and they want
    to take me back to court, and change my tier to a tier II, I
    have maintained my innocence since day 1, I served 4 years
    in prison for a allegation of fellatio on a 16 year old boy
    I did not commit.I was never questioned about fellatio or
    even touching in court ever, the only question asked I was
    found not guilty,that was intercourse, and the other 2 acts
    not asked also were stated to be on the same day as the
    other alligation I was found not guilty of. Can Delaware
    change my tier when I was informed it was federal and could
    not be done, not to mention double jeopardy.

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