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    Re: attorney client privilege question

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 1/25/12

    What the hell are you up to? Did you agree to a settlement
    with which your client did not agree? If you're now an
    essential witness to the proceedings, how are you still
    acting as his attorney?

    On 1/25/12, Katy wrote:
    > I have to respond to a motion to enforce a settlement
    > agreement. I want to attach emails with my client to my
    > affidavit which show there was no agreement as to the
    > of the settlement. If I do this, will I lose attorney
    > client privilege for all emails with the client? Is there
    > anything I need to do in order to preserve the
    > confidentiality of other communications while still being
    > able to attach the emails? Thanks.

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