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    Post: Seeking a business, tax, and patent attorney to join ground

    Posted by DELB Society on 3/06/12

    Seeking a business, tax, and patent attorney to partner up
    for a ground breaking social networking society. The
    network will primarily consist of doctors, engineers,
    lawyers, and businessmen.

    Imagine a Friday evening at a posh night club sipping on a
    dry martini. You are surrounded by sophisticated yuppies
    holding a deep conversation when all of a sudden you hear
    someone say: "I have this great idea but don't know where
    to start, or who to trust." You invite him to join our
    society, and depending on what he/she can contribute we
    vote on acceptance.

    This is my idea. A secret society of highly educated
    professionals sharing networks and services for the common
    good of the organization, ie money and power; secret in
    the sense that business transactions are kept strictly
    confidential amongst the members. Failure to abide by
    rules or blatantly disregard them will result in severe
    repercussions. Candidates must be invited by a current
    active member and voted in by majority. Structure would be
    democratic. Must be professional or a venture capitalist
    to join. It might take a few years to realize its
    potential, but if it works, there will be no competition.
    This idea, or thought really, is in its infancy. We seek
    an aspiring tax, business, and patent attorney to help in
    the creation of the organization and become part of the
    founders (which currently include a physician and an
    engineer). Tax, business, and patent attorneys must be
    willing to dedicate time in the creation of the
    organization to insure ideal business and tax structure.
    Must also share same ideology as above. No financial
    contribution needed for founders.

    If you wish to apply for tax, business, or patent attorney
    position (and hence, founders) please contact me.

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