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    Post: Billion $ Company sues kids and those attached to game forum

    Posted by defendant on 3/20/12

    This is a civil suit launched by a billion dollar game
    company (Nexon America) against anyone and everyone they can
    obtain real life names of, Nexon's own negligence created
    this atmosphere of children hacking/botting in game and the
    100's of web sites in which these things are publicized.
    Nexon is now blaming and suing any people they can obtain
    names of through utube, game forums, etc. for everything
    under the sun after years of neglect to their own free
    online game. Is their any possible way to find student
    attorneys, consumer advocacy groups or attorneys who will
    represent defendants to ensure fairness, freedom of speech,
    representation, etc. are at least minimally upheld for an
    ever-growing list of defendants who cannot afford an
    attorney? otherwise this billion dollar company is going to
    dictate and impose whatever their wishes into to this
    precedent setting case. any suggestions or leads of how to
    obtain representation by attorneys for these defendants
    would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at

    Need attorney or attorney school to represent deffendants

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  • Billion $ Company sues kids and those attached to game forum, 3/20/12, by defendant .

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