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    Post: Am I due to Inherit my fathers estate. I think I am

    Posted by Cory Karcher on 5/01/12

    So to sum this up. My father passed in Nov. My grandmother
    passed in Feb, and my grandfather is in Dire condition on
    the way out. Now I have only met my father once. SO forgive
    my bluntness. Well my father left behind without a will 5
    acres of land with a home and pond that was passed to his
    sister. Then grandma passed willing my father some insurance
    policy and now the grandfather is not in a healthy state of
    mind so they can no longer change the will so it is still
    split between him and his sister. Well he is deceased. I am
    26 and now in the process of getting sibliblingship dna test
    done with the consent of the mother of my half two brothers.
    If paternity is to be found is my fathers inhertance mine?

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  • Am I due to Inherit my fathers estate. I think I am , 5/01/12, by Cory Karcher.

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