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    Re: DV Misdemeanor Post-Conviction Reduction to an Infractio

    Posted by F.X. Martin on 11/20/14

    Nice seeing your post here, Mr. Parkerson! What's
    been going on with you? How do you like your

    s/F.X. Martin, New Orleans

    On 4/13/13, Hardy Parkerson, J.D. wrote:
    > Dear Edward,
    > For free, feel free to contact me at
    >, and I'll discuss this matter with
    > you. Also, you may want to call me on my cell to discuss it
    > at 337-802-4041. Perhaps we should communicate first by e-
    > mail, lest the cell-phone call come at a time when I am out
    > in public, on the highway, etc.
    > Whatever you do, best wishes!
    > Sincerely,
    > Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    > [Retired lawyer, after 41 years at the state and federal
    > Bars; Tulane Law, Class of 1966]
    > Lake Charles, LA, USA
    > On 12/19/12, Edward wrote:
    >> This question is from one of my Clients, any advice on how
    > I
    >> should proceed with him or guidance he should receive?
    >> I plead guilty to the following Misdemeanor Violation 243
    > (e).
    >> However, I did not purposely use any force and my original
    >> intention
    >> was to plead innocent and see the case through.
    >> During the negotiations process, on the day of court trial,
    >> my assigned Public Defender, was supposedly trying to
    > explain
    >> why I should just Plead to the 243(e)...
    >> In doing so, he illustrated by punching me in my
    > arm, "lightly",
    >> and saying, see that is all that you are pleading to...
    >> I feel that it was a form of coersion and that my
    > physically
    >> striking me,
    >> he was diluting the seriousness of the charge, while
    >> simultaneously
    >> and intentionally, commiting the crime of battery upon me.
    >> It was very confusing to say the least, why he would think
    >> that he could
    >> do that to me, with no consecuences to himself, while I
    >> would at the same time, be faced with it as a crime on my
    >> record.
    >> After, having plead, and receiving the conviction. I later
    >> reflected upon
    >> what had happened on my trial day and mentioned it to the
    > judge
    >> to see if I could have my conviction overturned.
    >> The judge assigned a new public defender to me so that she
    >> could
    >> do a writ about the event and submit it to the judge.
    >> After speaking with my new attorney, I explained
    > everything,
    >> she also spoke with the previous public defender.
    >> Unfortunately, she chose to dishonor the judges request
    >> and chose not to file the writ on my behalf.
    >> She, told me that it was something that I would need to do
    >> myself.
    >> At this point, I have already completed all the
    > requirements,
    >> that were necessary to put the case behind me.
    >> I did the classes and paid the fine.
    >> I am going to ask for an early termination of my probation
    > next,
    >> which I believe will be granted, given that I have been law
    >> abiding
    >> and more than 50&37; of my probation time has already
    > passed.
    >> And Finally, I was going to ask for an expungement,
    >> which I believe would also be granted.
    >> My Question is:
    >> I recently learned that the California Expungement will not
    >> restore my gun rights.
    >> Therefore, would it be possible for me to ask for a
    >> reduction of the misdemeanor, to an infaction, instead of
    >> applying for the expungement.
    >> Especially given, that the circumstances of the conviction,
    >> were less than ideal.

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