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    Re: Franceschi's Nightmare

    Posted by Anonymous Rex on 11/21/14

    Keep up the good work, Lawyer Parkerson!


    On 1/31/13, Hardy Parkerson, J.D. wrote:
    > Franceschi's Nightmare
    > by Professor Hardy Parkerson, J.D. [originally posted on
    > 11/08/10]
    > At 57 Fed. 3d at 828,
    > A Federal case of recent date,
    > Franceschi, Bar Number 112893.
    > Went to court and made his plea.
    > When he arrived in city court,
    > To the Commissioner he did report;
    > And when the Judge asked, "How'd you arrive?"
    > Franceschi replied that he did drive;
    > But sensing he was in a bind,
    > He pled the Fifth, which came to mind;
    > And smelling trouble, Franceschi moved
    > To have the sitting Judge recused.
    > Whereupon the Judge did say,
    > "Let a bench warrant issue this very day!
    > For your license has been suspended,
    > And your freedom now is ended."
    > Franceschi tried to write a check
    > To post a bond to save his neck;
    > To which the Judge said in a dash,
    > "We don't take checks, you must pay cash."
    > And so arose Franceschi's hackles,
    > As they led him away to jail in shackels.
    > With Franceschi things weren't going well,
    > And so he spent the night in jail;
    > And though in jail he wasn't singin',
    > Franceschi came out of jail a-swingin'.
    > He filed a suit that very night
    > For violation of his Civil Rights.
    > He sued 'em all to make ' em pay.
    > "What goes 'round comes 'round," he'd say.
    > And through the courts his case made way,
    > Until it was dismissed one day.
    > Franceschi couldn't clear his name,
    > For he had failed to state a claim.
    > For to do as he pleases a judge is free,
    > For he has judicial immunity.
    > And since he'd failed to maintain his pleas,
    > Franceschi was cast for attorney fees.'
    > Which really made Franceschi holler,
    > For they were over ten thousand dollars.
    > Franceschi said, "I'll prevail still,
    > And to the Ninth Circuit I shall appeal."
    > But at the Ninth Circuit he argued and squirmed,
    > Only to have the decision affirmed.
    > The Ninth dismissed his appeal like a breeze,
    > And cast Franceschi for more attorney fees;
    > And what a blow poor Franceschi was handed,
    > When for the fixing of fees his case was remanded!
    > Author notes:
    > There is a Latin maxim that poets are allowed to lie
    > (POETIS MENTIRI LICET.) However, this poem is almost
    > perfectly true. If you don't believe it, read the case
    > found in volume 57 FEDERAL REPORTER 3d Series, at page 828.
    > Franceschi is a colorful and famous California lawyer. I
    > once sent him a copy of this poem and then called him to
    > discuss it with him. I do not know that he appreciated the
    > poem, but he did tell me that although this case had cost
    > him much money, that the publicity that he gained from it
    > in the news brought him so much new business that in the
    > long-run he really profited from this case. He said that
    > the view that many of the general public readers of the
    > newspapers had gotten was that he was a real figher and did
    > not mind bucking the system when necessary; and they were
    > looking for that kind of a lawyer. Franceschi's full name
    > is Ernest Franceschi, and he has a brother John Franceschi
    > who is a lawyer in one of the mid-western states. His
    > brother John saw my poem on the internet once and contacted
    > me by e-mail and told me that he had shown a copy of it to
    > their mother, who, I am very sure is very proud of both of
    > her sons. I am also a lawyer, and Ernie Franceschi as a
    > lawyer is a man after my own heart. He's my kind of a
    > lawyer!
    > Sincerely,
    > Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    > (Retired, after 41 years at the Bar)
    > Lake Charles, LA

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