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    Post: Lumbar back Stimulators

    Posted by Cliff Ellixson on 2/19/13

    I had a stimulator implanted several years ago and
    destroyed my life. I won't get into all the problems which
    was bad enough and could have gone real bad but one of the
    most. Frightened was when it would shock my brain when I
    would move. It was like I was having a epilepsy seizure. I
    woke up once and I knew the stimulator shocked my brain and
    I lost consciousness. I now have epilepsy amping other
    problems. I was a Radiation System Specialist. Now I am
    looking for my purpose in life. I had no idea other people
    had problems with these. If you are thinking about doing
    this procedure make sure you do your homework. They say
    pain patients will do just about anything to stop the pain.
    That was my trap. After all of that happened the doctor
    threw me away. I always thought I would get better but now
    I am pretty sure I won't. If I knew you could get a lawyer
    I would have. I was so sick then. I did investigate but
    could not find any groups of people who had problems with
    the stimulators. I figured I could not win a case just by
    myself. If anyone can steer me in the right direction, I
    have a story to tell. But most likely the statutes of
    limitations have come and gone. So this is to the people
    who are thinking about it and the ones that have had
    problems. Thank you for reading. Cliff E.

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