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    Post: Need Help ASAP in family court

    Posted by Waylon Rupp on 6/05/13

    I am a 32 year old father who 5 years ago aquired joint
    custody of my 9 year old daughter. She lives with me monday
    through friday and visits her mother on the weekend. I
    recently took my childs mother back to court for sole
    custody because of domestic violence, drugs, breaking court
    orders put in place to protect my child, ex: My child is
    not to be around the abusive boyfriend, she has, I have
    witnesses, she isnt suppose to have her visits where her
    mother lives, she does, on and on. THe mother had made up
    lies in court, she has 30 made up dates she didnt"get her
    visit", I mean she has sundays on there, tuesdays, days she
    isnt suppose to even have her. We have a new judge, the
    judge has no idea about what kind of person the mother is,
    the old judge, he did, saw right through her. Told her she
    was a liar. This judge seems to buy her innocent good mommy
    act. He tried to throw me in jail today over these dates,
    when he hasnt seen the proof, then when my laywer told him
    we have proof she is lying, he continued the court date to
    give my new laywer time to look over the case, then made me
    pay 200 dollars to the other attorney, which the contempt
    order wasnt suppose to be heard anyways today not until
    after the trial. So because the judge messed up, i have to
    pay my childs mothers laywer?? I need a new judge, My old
    laywer did a motion to withdrawl, he said it wasnt me, I
    needed a new set of eyes and the case was spinning out of
    control due to her lies, He did this less than two weeks
    before trial, he didnt give me time to get another attorney
    and he refused to give me my papers and documents, which I
    know by law before a judge allows someone to withdrawl they
    have to abide by certain rules, laws. Then my new laywer
    asks last week for the file, the old attorney waits til
    today to give him half of it, and not the evidence we
    needed for court, Our old laywer, floyd daily told us that
    he is fishing partners with the mothers new lawyer Chris
    McCall. So i know they planned this, not giving me the file
    until it was to late, hoping my laywer could not represent
    me so that i would be found in contempt and go to jail and
    the mother would get my child. I dont know what to do, call
    the bar association, make a complaint on floyd daily? Ask
    for another judge, how do I get a fair and just trial for
    sole custody?? I am a great father, who protects and loves
    his daughter, her mother thats a diferent story and i have
    stacks of police reports and witnesses. I need advice asap.

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