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    Post: Can I sue my previous employer?

    Posted by Jamarcus on 6/10/14

    I have a question regarding my husband previous employer.

    My husband got fired over something he didn't do. He got
    into a fight with the person he's working with. They guy
    push my husband while the bid boss was there watching them
    doing their jobs. When the guy push my husband he pushed
    him back.prior to that for 2 weeks they have been bullying
    my husband been taking he's job telling him they will do it
    better than he does just because they are trying to impress
    their boss. Now my husband has been trying to find a decent
    job after he got fired. He's been turned down over the fact
    that he got into a fight and it was he's fault when it
    wasn't. I believe that they are responsible for what
    happen. We have kids and having hard times coping up with
    bills and food. We moved here from a different state
    because he was promise to have a good job from that company
    and now were about to be homeless. The recruiter told me
    that my husband will he taken care off in their company but
    now we don't know what to do. I want to sue them. Is it

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