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    Post: Hooray for Me!

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, J.D. on 11/24/14

    "Hooray for Me!"

    Well I had a hard week,
    Had a hard, hard week;
    Had a hard, hard, hard, hard week.
    Once again it's over
    And I'm rollin' in clover,
    And I'm ready this place to quit.
    Gotta cash me a check
    And find me a chick
    And find me a place
    To flick my Bic
    With some Chantilly lace;
    And that's no disgrace.
    Well, I hit the jackpot
    In the Lawyers' Lottery
    And I settled me a case
    For a Million Three;
    And a third of that
    Is the lawyer's fee;
    And the lawyer's me.
    And now it's Friday,
    And, honey, I'm free.
    Hooray for me!

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