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    Post: Ozone treatment destroyed my precious home

    Posted by Linda M. Wilde on 6/22/15

    March, 2014 I had Serv-Pro do an Ozone treatment on my home
    to rid it of SKUNK odor and after returning to the home
    after the treatment, my lungs and throat and nasal passages
    and skin were burned every time I tried to stay at the
    house. I had nose bleeds and coughing. My husband
    experienced the same.

    We are still renting a home and trying to clean out the
    treated home of all materials. There is no particular
    smell, just the burning of lungs causing severe coughing
    and the nose bleeds.

    Will my home survive this. How long can I expect to be out
    of the home. Is Serv-pro liable for this damage (they deny
    any liability). The machine ran for 30 hours in the home.

    We have spent $$$ on tests and other cleaning treatments to
    correct the error (Stanley Steamer cleaning service).

    I feel helpless and homeless and spending a lot on rent
    when we own our home free and clear.

    Linda M. Wilde

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