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    Post: mold in foreclosed homes

    Posted by a on 2/19/16

    not a lawyer but got a good one for you the co's that do
    the work for the banks and hud are doing some bad things
    when it comes to mold 1. they will not let us call it mold
    they want everything thats written down to say
    discoloration 2. they ask us to treat with bleach and paint
    with kiltz. when i left colorado they had them just spray
    painting the black mold with black paint thats right they
    are hiding it with paint not sure if they are disclosing is
    but i doubt it i tell them all the time it must be cut out
    but they are all to cheap and they dont want to have to pay
    for the mold mitigation

    co i refuse to play there game their way but someone needs
    to be a whistle blower i have had enough i spent alot of
    time a few days ago with black mold on the ceiling of one
    room and i have been ill since not sure if there is
    anything you want to do but this is me wondering what to do
    i cant afford to use my job

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