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    Post: Payments on medical bills isn't enough

    Posted by oreo on 8/30/07

    Hard times caused us to lose our medical insurance as we
    just couldn't afford the premiums. Then my husband ended
    up in critical care for several days and has been
    hospitalized twice since. We have diligently made
    payments every month, but apparently this isn't enough as
    most of the medical providers have demanded payment in
    full or they will sue. My question is: Can they sue me
    for my husbands bills? Is there anyway for us to save at
    least one of our credit scores or can they destroy my
    credit rating simply because I'm married to him? I would
    be willing to take a loan out against my car if they would
    discount the bills like they do for the insurance
    companies, but they refuse. Is bankruptcy our only option?
    We live in the state of Missouri

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