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    Re: Payments on medical bills isn't enough

    Posted by 00 on 8/31/07

    Did you negotiate the payments with the providers themselves
    that you are making, or did you decide on your own how much
    and when you pay?

    On 8/30/07, oreo wrote:
    > Hard times caused us to lose our medical insurance as we
    > just couldn't afford the premiums. Then my husband ended
    > up in critical care for several days and has been
    > hospitalized twice since. We have diligently made
    > payments every month, but apparently this isn't enough as
    > most of the medical providers have demanded payment in
    > full or they will sue. My question is: Can they sue me
    > for my husbands bills? Is there anyway for us to save at
    > least one of our credit scores or can they destroy my
    > credit rating simply because I'm married to him? I would
    > be willing to take a loan out against my car if they would
    > discount the bills like they do for the insurance
    > companies, but they refuse. Is bankruptcy our only option?
    > We live in the state of Missouri

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