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    Re: Help with texas bankruptcy chp 7

    Posted by Adrian on 12/19/07

    On 10/15/07, Martin deloach wrote:
    > Hello i need a little help.. i filed bankruptcy my self (i
    > have a court date oct 22nd 07) due to i didnt have 2700
    > bucks the lawyer i asked to file for me and i got a
    > question. one of my crediters (dell) sent a letter saying
    > they have a "security interest" on a account asking what
    > i want to do. either reaffirm, redeem for fair market
    > value or surrender the collateroll. (its a HDTV 32in lcd).
    > (1400 paid). but my problem is i dont have the TV no more
    > it was distroyed in a recent flood (one of the reasons why
    > im filing bankruptcy due to a recent flood and medical
    > problem). what do i do? thanks..

    Tell them you are surrendering the property, but let them
    know it was damaged in a flood. Providing a picture would
    help a great deal.

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