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    Post: Court Order

    Posted by Joseph on 2/20/08

    A debt collecting lawyer got a judgement at an address
    where I have NEVER lived but where someone with the exact
    same name lives. They then sent it to my bank and have put
    a lien on my bank account. I have called them to no
    avail. They say it is too late - they have the judgement
    against me. They claim the debt is mine, but will give no
    details - they say they don't have to because they have a
    judgement already. I don't think the debt is mine - I
    never had a Citibank Credit card and statements were being
    sent to the other address. Is there recourse via Attorney
    General or whom. Even if by some chance (debts are sold
    all the time) the debt is mine - I my rights as a debtor
    (if any) and due process (if it applies) were violated.

    Help! I'd love to put these slimy people in their place
    for their practices.

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