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    Re: Bankruptcy after a divorce

    Posted by Katie on 5/13/09

    On 5/04/09, Dale wrote:
    > I have been divorced a little over 2 years. Since then
    > having trouble with bills and struggling with payments. I
    > am thinking about the possibility of bankruptcy. I was
    > wondering how it would work in this scenerio. My wife and
    > I agreed in the divorce I would keep the house. So in the
    > paperwork it says it would go just into my name following
    > a refinance through the bank. It did limit the window to
    > 18 months. I tried several time to go and refinance but
    > was unable to refinance and put just in my name. Now my
    > question is can I add the house in on a bankruptcy with
    > her name still on my home loan? Any info is greatly
    > appreciated. Thanks
    OMG, I have this exact same question!!!! I can't seem to
    find anyone who can answer it. I will post a response again
    if I am able to find any info on the subject.

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