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    Re: Bankruptcy after a divorce

    Posted by Jim on 6/29/09

    The answer is, you're probably going to have to consult a local
    attorney. The reason being is that local decisions and local
    rules may change generalized answers. In Michigan, for example,
    there's a test that can be used. It would be, is giving the
    ex-spouse the debt (which you would do since her name is still
    on the loan) more of a hardship on her than it is for you to
    keep it? (Which it probably is) You have other issues also,
    such as the weight that the divorce judgment holds with the court.

    As I said before, talk to a local attorney. Don't take any
    advice online as the end-all answer to your problems

    On 5/13/09, Katie wrote:
    > On 5/04/09, Dale wrote:
    >> I have been divorced a little over 2 years. Since then
    >> having trouble with bills and struggling with payments. I
    >> am thinking about the possibility of bankruptcy. I was
    >> wondering how it would work in this scenerio. My wife and
    >> I agreed in the divorce I would keep the house. So in the
    >> paperwork it says it would go just into my name following
    >> a refinance through the bank. It did limit the window to
    >> 18 months. I tried several time to go and refinance but
    >> was unable to refinance and put just in my name. Now my
    >> question is can I add the house in on a bankruptcy with
    >> her name still on my home loan? Any info is greatly
    >> appreciated. Thanks
    > OMG, I have this exact same question!!!! I can't seem to
    > find anyone who can answer it. I will post a response again
    > if I am able to find any info on the subject.

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