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    Post: Employer withholding paychecks, bouncing paychecks & more

    Posted by Kevan on 12/16/03

    My employer, a security company that contracts for un-armed
    guards, consistently doesn't pay overtime, issues paychecks
    late, actively keeps employees from picking paychecks up
    and then doesn't have sufficient funds to cover the
    payroll. In their new hire paperwork they say paychecks
    are available "on, or about" the 7th and 21st of each month
    and most employees are lucky to have theirs 7-10 days after
    the posted date. The employers officially do not keep
    office hours and they always keep the office locked even
    when they are there (they have been seen coming/going).
    This is the only place to obtain a paycheck and direct
    deposit is not available. They won't answer the door or
    the phone and usually finally allow the employees to get
    their checks only after the employee threatens to not
    report to work. Even then the employers play games to keep
    paychecks longer and often instruct employees not to cash
    the checks until the next day. I calculated that the
    company pays out at least $500,000 each year in wages, yet
    they do not pay overtime. I understand a Federal law
    mandates any employer to pay overtime if the business
    grosses $500,000 per year, regardless of the number of
    employees. To my knowledge, they do not qualify for other
    overtime exemptions either. I have personally had one
    paycheck bounce and since then have gone to my employer's
    bank to cash my checks. Even then I sometimes am not
    allowed to get my money due to insufficient funds in their
    payroll account. The location is Brevard County, Florida.

    The best situation would be to continue working at this
    company, get paid overtime when owed, and to receive my
    paychecks on time without bouncing. What resources do I
    have to acheive this, legally or otherwise? Should my
    local PD be informed of bounced checks (this is a habit for
    this company as almost every employee has experienced
    this)? What have they violated? What should be done to
    ammend these violations? Any other thoughts? Thanks!

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