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    Re: commercial liens

    Posted by Dan Cropper on 12/07/12

    Hi Bruce,

    I have a few questions for you. Please contact me at dan@debt- at your earliest convenience. I am working on
    enforcement of three commercial liens, or monetization and working
    with a central bank currently. The face value of the liens is just
    under $40 million.


    On 5/13/12, Candy Arreche wrote:
    > Bruce:
    > Please contact me I need help in doing a commercial lien ASAP!!!
    > It is against a bank who closed my business account for no reason,
    > we never had charge backs, nor bad checks and always kept a balance
    > of $5,000. An employed who moved to Texas told us it was because of
    > the managers error, she thiught we were Raspa y Gana, a gambling bus
    > when we are Scratch and Give, Raspa y Dona; and shut our account
    > because of this. He tells us that she is annoyed because I wrote to
    > the Pres of Scotia in Canada explaining everything. He opened the
    > account again and she closed it 8 more times until it remained
    > closed. This caused us serious problems, loss of merchant account,
    > negative Chex due to closed account and problems with everyone due
    > to the closed account checks.
    > Please call me tomorrow after 9AM at 787-758-8647 or cel 787-600-
    > 6301
    > Thanks Candy
    > On 12/24/08, Bruce wrote:
    >> Why does someone ask about court Judgment here as these liens once
    >> it goes beyond the first 21-30 days are then beyond court, that is
    >> if done properly. Want some help? I have one against an oil
    >> company that even the IRS says is valid and the company can not
    >> get out of it. Let me know as I have plenty of experience in these
    >> things, though each situation varies and how to do it in the best
    >> manner possible requires study and some work, but I see no
    >> problem. Forget courts but even if you lost in court which is
    >> typical if your the little guy going up against a big corporation,
    >> you could develop a commercial lien and liquidate assets to pay
    >> the acquired lien debt off. The bottom line is to be reasonable
    >> and not weild the liens power, give plenty of Notice, Grace and
    >> opportunity to cure, but eventually do as the did in Rome as you
    >> are essentially in the same system under the Law Merchant.
    >> In law there is always a way, always a remedy and just follow the
    >> maxim and Stay last on the battle feild as he who departs first
    >> loses.
    >> Common Law copyrighting the name of the strawman is also a must,
    >> but give permission in blue ink for the name to be used by the
    >> respondant, though others will be less apt to aid the respondant
    >> and violate the copyright Notification and face the fines and
    >> added damages, tyhis gives you some extra force, you need to use
    >> everything possible and give away no jurisdiction while insuring
    >> they will take the hit and assent then falling under the doctrines
    >> of laches and estopple, thus barring court forevermore.
    >> Your wording is most important but a simple letter-affidavit can
    >> begin the process. Keep the tracer flag and say Commercial
    >> Affidavit of Notice, Demand, & Obligation is an "instrument" under
    >> [15 USC-A Security]( A tracer flag not a point of law, so you have
    >> federal clout all the way. You are clearing the way for the Carbon
    >> the IRS so they can catch a piece of the excess, but make sure you
    >> have a security agreement and peace treaty on file, then you are
    >> your own country and have superseded even the constitution, as
    >> well as all statute(s), codes, rules and regulations, they are
    >> then under the color of these but not the sovereign. Merry
    >> Christmas to all.
    >> Respectfully yours,
    >> Bruce, UCC 1-207
    >> without prejudice,
    >> All rights reserved
    >> Bruce, UCC 1-207
    >> Without prejudice
    >> All rights reserved
    >> On 6/02/08, Doug Going wrote:
    >>> On 2/11/06, sharwinston wrote:
    >>> Yes, I have. In fact I have one for 14 mill that is up for
    >>> sale.
    >>>> Need more info.
    >>>> Have you already obtained a court judgment? or
    >>>> Are you a contractor who did work on the business' property
    >>>> and the business has failed to pay you for your work?
    >>>> On 2/10/06, annie d. wrote:
    >>>>> Is it possible to file a commercial lien against a company
    >>>>> or corporation? (i.e. retail stores, grocery, or department
    >>>>> stores.)

    Debt Annihilation Company

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