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    Re: commercial liens

    Posted by Candy Arreche on 5/13/12

    Please contact me I need help in doing a commercial lien ASAP!!!
    It is against a bank who closed my business account for no reason,
    we never had charge backs, nor bad checks and always kept a balance
    of $5,000. An employed who moved to Texas told us it was because of
    the managers error, she thiught we were Raspa y Gana, a gambling bus
    when we are Scratch and Give, Raspa y Dona; and shut our account
    because of this. He tells us that she is annoyed because I wrote to
    the Pres of Scotia in Canada explaining everything. He opened the
    account again and she closed it 8 more times until it remained
    closed. This caused us serious problems, loss of merchant account,
    negative Chex due to closed account and problems with everyone due
    to the closed account checks.
    Please call me tomorrow after 9AM at 787-758-8647 or cel 787-600-

    Thanks Candy

    On 12/24/08, Bruce wrote:
    > Why does someone ask about court Judgment here as these liens once
    > it goes beyond the first 21-30 days are then beyond court, that is
    > if done properly. Want some help? I have one against an oil
    > company that even the IRS says is valid and the company can not
    > get out of it. Let me know as I have plenty of experience in these
    > things, though each situation varies and how to do it in the best
    > manner possible requires study and some work, but I see no
    > problem. Forget courts but even if you lost in court which is
    > typical if your the little guy going up against a big corporation,
    > you could develop a commercial lien and liquidate assets to pay
    > the acquired lien debt off. The bottom line is to be reasonable
    > and not weild the liens power, give plenty of Notice, Grace and
    > opportunity to cure, but eventually do as the did in Rome as you
    > are essentially in the same system under the Law Merchant.
    > In law there is always a way, always a remedy and just follow the
    > maxim and Stay last on the battle feild as he who departs first
    > loses.
    > Common Law copyrighting the name of the strawman is also a must,
    > but give permission in blue ink for the name to be used by the
    > respondant, though others will be less apt to aid the respondant
    > and violate the copyright Notification and face the fines and
    > added damages, tyhis gives you some extra force, you need to use
    > everything possible and give away no jurisdiction while insuring
    > they will take the hit and assent then falling under the doctrines
    > of laches and estopple, thus barring court forevermore.
    > Your wording is most important but a simple letter-affidavit can
    > begin the process. Keep the tracer flag and say Commercial
    > Affidavit of Notice, Demand, & Obligation is an "instrument" under
    > [15 USC-A Security]( A tracer flag not a point of law, so you have
    > federal clout all the way. You are clearing the way for the Carbon
    > the IRS so they can catch a piece of the excess, but make sure you
    > have a security agreement and peace treaty on file, then you are
    > your own country and have superseded even the constitution, as
    > well as all statute(s), codes, rules and regulations, they are
    > then under the color of these but not the sovereign. Merry
    > Christmas to all.
    > Respectfully yours,
    > Bruce, UCC 1-207
    > without prejudice,
    > All rights reserved
    > Bruce, UCC 1-207
    > Without prejudice
    > All rights reserved
    > On 6/02/08, Doug Going wrote:
    >> On 2/11/06, sharwinston wrote:
    >> Yes, I have. In fact I have one for 14 mill that is up for
    >> sale.
    >>> Need more info.
    >>> Have you already obtained a court judgment? or
    >>> Are you a contractor who did work on the business' property
    >>> and the business has failed to pay you for your work?
    >>> On 2/10/06, annie d. wrote:
    >>>> Is it possible to file a commercial lien against a company
    >>>> or corporation? (i.e. retail stores, grocery, or department
    >>>> stores.)

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