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    Re: Construction Arbitration Services

    Posted by Guy Montagne on 12/09/10

    We have an arbitrator with the same name "Richard Beens" on a case
    against Coldwell Banker Burnet. Please let me know if it is the
    same person. You can see our arbitrator resume and picture in that
    Linkedin page:
    Thank you

    eOn 2/06/10, anti Richard Beens wrote:
    > On 11/07/08, Janelle & Dick wrote:
    >> On 10/15/07, E.Christine Marazzi wrote:
    >>> Does anyone know this arbitrator who works with
    >>> Construction Arbitration Services and Cardell Wade? She
    >>> just ruled in favor of the Home Inspector in my case re:
    >>> mold in a mobile home I purchased. I clearly feel money
    >>> passed hands here and I was ripped off thousands of dollars.
    >> We had to use this company as their name on in our new home
    >> contract. However, we filed the claim in July 2008 and we
    >> ended up having to withdraw yesterday. This is the worst
    >> organization to ever have any dealings with. Cardell Wade is
    >> not there any longer but there is a Susan Peters who "handled
    >> our case" She changed the rules to fit the situtation. We
    >> had 9 names of arbitrators, they included a person that
    > worked
    >> for Sears, drove cars for Hertz, another worked for a law
    > firm
    >> in Dallas but wouldn't set a date nor respond, as did 3 of
    > the
    >> other ones. Then CAS assigned an arbitrator and this one
    >> specialized in automobiles. Teaches full time at a college
    > in
    >> Texas and sells used cars. These are the kind of arbitrators
    >> this company gets.
    >> They are all very biased towards the respondent. Would NEVER
    > The unethical charlatan disguised as an unbiased arbitrator,
    > Richard Beens, ignored all evidence on our side, and made no
    > pretense at the fond affection he felt towards the big
    > realtor, Edina Realty. It was a total travesty of justice, as
    > it was clear to all of us very early on which way he was going
    > to decide. He was far more concerned about getting to happy
    > hour - he even said this - than about hearing the case. His
    > award writeup was taken directly from the Edina Realty's
    > attorney's notes, almost verbatim.

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