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    Re: Pulled over by police

    Posted by The facts... on 5/23/10

    don't seem yo be here.

    Where was this? ie. what county state, etc. is your driveway
    in?Was the officer referring to a culmination of tickets? Seat
    belt, rolled a stop sign, and / or dog too?

    Every jurisdiction is different, however as usually is the
    case, there will likely be other more pertinent facts here.

    On 5/21/10, Lee wrote:
    > An undercover police officer was parked just outside the
    > cul-de-sac when my friend left my driveway when she was
    > pulled over by him. He looked in her car and told her her
    > dog should not be on her lap and that she could get $1000
    > in fines and 4 points on her license. Is this accurate
    > information and why would an undercover officer be bother
    > with this situation?

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