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    Re: service agreements

    Posted by Res Ispa Loquitur on 1/12/07

    Easy fix

    The contract was with the previous owner and the repair
    company. They are alleging it is not trasferable. This is
    debatable. But since there is a contract that says the
    furnance will be repaired and the repair company are saying
    the previous owner is the other party. Have the previous
    owner tell them to fix the furnance in writing. Lets see
    what excuse they will come up then.

    Res Ispa Loquitur

    On 1/09/07, Oliver Kotelnikov wrote:
    > The previous owner of the home I recently bought passed me
    > down a service/maintenance agreement for the furnace.
    > Recently, the company came out to do some work.
    > Originally, they said they would honor the contract but
    > are now sending me bills saying the contract is non
    > transferable. It does not say anywhere on it whether it
    > does or doesn't trnafer. I'm in Washington state. What's
    > the law on this?
    > Thank you

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