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    Post: sublet

    Posted by monika on 3/21/07

    I have a lease contract for a room that I can sublet from
    march this year with the landlord's permission. She lives
    in a different state and that makes it difficult for me to
    let the interested people get her approval. In addition to
    that, she specificaly wants a female (since she's supposed
    to share the bathroom with another female)so that makes it
    hard for me to place an add mentioning that detail since
    it's considered discrimination.All and all, I am stuck
    with a room that I do't live in and almost impossible to
    sublet. The lease contract is up on august. It's money
    that I throw out of the window!It's the first time that I
    sign a contract and I feel trapped:( I would gladly use an

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