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    Post: Termination of Lease

    Posted by Trice on 6/22/07

    I rented a property in 12/05 until 2/28/07. Initially
    when I went into the property I was on a rental assistance
    program. In the course of renting the property I was
    promoted on my job, deeming me ineligible for the
    assistance. I then had to paid full rent out of pocket
    which was too much for me. I notified my landlord in
    January of 2007 to let him know I was no longer on the
    program and could not afford to pay full rent. I explained
    to him that I would vacate the premises on 1/31/07. He
    told me it was not enough notice for him. Out of
    fairness, I said to my landlord, "Okay, if this is not
    enough notice I will rent another month." On 02/28/07, I
    vacated the premises and met with him on 03/01/07 to
    surrender the keys and walk through the property. When I
    arrive to meet him at the property he was there with
    another young lady who wanted to rent the property. Two
    days later he rented the property to this lady. The lease
    agreement between him and the new tenant is dated
    3/03/07. When I asked him about it, he stated, he signed
    the lease for March but she was not due any rent until
    April. He stated, I did not give in my termination in
    writting therefore he was due rent for the month of March
    or until he found a renter and forfeited my $500.00
    deposit. Do I have any legal grounds in the scenario?
    Please inform!!

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