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    Post: impact development fees

    Posted by John on 7/02/07

    I am not sure if I am asking in the right area, if not
    please point me in the right direction, if I am, please
    help.. I lived in an unincorporated area in the fastest
    growing counties in the U.S. the county finally started
    cgarging the builders impact fees. They can noot ask from
    several of the developers due to past agreements with the
    old county manager(who is in prison for stealing almost
    $700,000.00 from a fund to build roads and other
    infrastructure items. We are currently working on
    incorporating our area into a city. We would need to
    implement am impact fee for the city. Can we as a new city
    require those that the county can't get impact fees from
    to pay these fees to the city? Any help would be greatly

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