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    Re: Question: Is the 30day Notice Void if property keys late

    Posted by Vickie Stephan on 8/22/09

    On 8/19/08, -- wrote:
    > On 8/19/08, Laura wrote:
    >> I live in California and signed a month-to-month rental
    >> agreement on Sept 2005. The contract requires a 30 day
    >> termination notice from either the tenant or landlord.
    >> In Sept 2007 CA law changed requiring landlords give a 60
    >> day notice - if the tenant has resided there for more than
    >> one year.
    >> Question: Does the 60-day law overrule the 30-day contract?
    > There are several types of lease agreements.
    > (1) Tenancy of Years is an agreement for a fixed length of
    > time. No notice of termination is required. When the term
    > of the lease is up – the lease is over
    > (2) Periodic Tenancy is a contract for a period to period
    > length of time. The lease is for a minimum period such as
    > month to month or year to year. Notice before the end of
    > period of time is required to terminate the periodic lease.
    > For a one year periodic lease a six month notice is usually
    > required to terminate the lease. For lesser periodic leases
    > usually notice at least the length of the lease is required.
    > (i.e. 30 days notice for a 30 day periodic lease)
    > (3) Tenancy at Will is a lease that is at the will of the
    > landlord. Usually 30 days notice is required of either
    > (4) Tenancy by Sufferance or a “hold over tenant.” After
    > expiration of a lease if a tenant remains on the property
    > paying monthly rent and the landlord does not eject them by
    > force of law, the tenancy is “at will” generally requiring a
    > 30 day notice by either party.
    > (5) Commercial leases have a different set of rules for hold
    > over tenants. A commercial hold over tenant on a year to
    > year lease may be obligated to another one year period if
    > they hold over.
    > I am not familiar with the "new law" in CA you speak of that
    > requires 60 days notice if you have resided in a rental unit
    > for one year or longer. Without a citation to the statute
    > (law) I am at a loss. It seems incongruous to require a 60
    > day notice on a "tenant at will" agreement even if you have
    > resided in the same unit for 12, month to month periods.
    > reason for a month to month or "tenant at will" contract is
    > to limit the landlord’s responsibility (and yours) to commit
    > to a lease for longer than a 30 day period. Maybe after one
    > year of month to month rental, CA wants to make a “tenant at
    > will” agreement a 60 day notice obligation on the landlord's
    > part but only 30 days on the tenant's part.
    > Let me know if you can find a statute citation, I can then
    > find it on Westlaw without having to do a key word search.
    > Most of what I have discussed is "common law" contract law.
    > Landlord tenant codes vary widely so you must evaluate any
    > situation under your state/county/city law.

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