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    Re: Is my lease a month to mont or year ease?

    Posted by Holly on 4/19/09

    On 4/18/09, Victoria Weaver wrote:
    > If both are checked, then the original intent of the parties
    > may be examined under the parol evidence rule to determine
    > their intent when they executed the contract. Caveat: This
    > not legal advice, and you should consult an attorney if you
    > want any legal advice. This is a law students chatboard and
    > am answered this as if it was a law school hypothetical on
    > essay or multiple choice exam.
    > Victoria Weaver
    > On 4/17/09, Phillip wrote:
    >> Both terms are checked in my agreement. : 12 months and
    >> month to month tenancy.
    >> So, can I give 30 days notice at any time?
    When I moved out of an apt six years ago, I was on a month-to-
    month as the original lease had expired three years prior.
    That was honored for all other tenants I knew had moved out--
    they gave 30 days notice only and also got their deposits
    returned. Last fall I was summoned for rent I owed--over
    $1700!!! They reverted to the original lease and have gone
    after me for the last 7 months as if I had any money. I am 66
    and still working, but they have drained all my savings and
    still hven't settled. At the time, I owed $200 for the last
    month I lived in the apartment, but figured the landlord would
    take that out of my $400 deposit--especially since I didn't
    hear from him...until six years later! And then they tacked
    on interest for all those years. Be very careful, Phillip...I
    am being sold down the river, so to speak, and it still isn't

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