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    Post: Security deposit ( California rental )

    Posted by Dan Keeney on 5/19/09

    My friend signed a lease-agreement for 6 months… The
    contract was hand written on standard printer paper and
    out-lined the deposit amount, beginning and end dates of
    lease term and that 30 day notice would need to be given
    by him, should he choose to leave.
    The owner of the unit was being represented by a third
    party. ( unsure if licensed )
    The first month was free and was out-lined in the contact.
    A check was given for the deposit two weeks prior to move-
    in and was cashed the day it was written. The day of move-
    in the place was still under renovations… we did not
    except keys and gave 30 days notice that same day in
    written format.
    We are looking to have the deposit refunded and have filed
    in small claims. The owner states he will counter sue for
    the 5 months owed…but the unit is rented. Do we have any
    claim or chalk it up to lessoned learned?

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