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    Post: Not returning security deposit, never leased the house

    Posted by Jillian on 8/27/11

    We paid a security deposit to hold a rental house. I signed
    a pre lease agreement that said that if we didn't rent the
    house, the security deposit would be given to the landlord
    for damages of holding the house for us.

    They emailed us yesterday and increased the rent from what
    they originally verbally told us. When we said that we did
    not agree with this new rent, they told us that they did
    not want to rent to us anymore. They said that this was the
    original price, even though it was not.

    They also said that they were keeping the security deposit.
    We never signed a lease.

    Can they do this? They are the ones that backed out, not
    us. It doesn't seem fair that they lied and changed the
    verbal agreement and get to keep our money because it was
    their decision to back out....

    We are renting in Colorado.

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