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    Post: Suing an out of state company

    Posted by user on 10/23/11


    I do software consulting and I'm in Massachusetts area. I
    did some work for an out of state company that is in Texas.
    They paid some amount but did not pay the rest. So, they
    still owe couple of thousand dollars. They accepted to pay
    at one point of time, now they are denying. Itís been
    couple of months. If I hire a lawyer, it won't be cost
    effective for this much money. I thought about small claims
    court but since itís an out of state entity, I believe I
    need to file in their state which again won't be cost
    effective either for this amount of money since Iíll have
    to travel over there when the court gives date. Since
    Massachusetts has personal jurisdiction, I might be able to
    sue them in local small claims court though I'm not sure.
    Any thoughts?
    Also, I don't have a written contract but I do have email
    communications where I received the requirements, sent the
    company cost for getting those requirements done and
    sending them invoice. Do you think, with email
    communication print outs, I will be able to prove that
    company owes me money?
    Also, should I sue the individual (partner of a company
    whom I was interacting with) or the company?


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