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    Re: Copying a music Cd

    Posted by brian on 6/25/08

    On 12/25/07, Ed wrote:
    > Is the making of a music CD f4rom a famous, popular band
    > a gift for another person an infringement of copyright? I
    > was told by someone that it is; I respectfully disageed.
    > Thank you in advance

    Well, legally/technically it might be. However I might
    argue that when you bought it there was an implied license
    that you could so such a thing. I'd like to know the names
    of the "lots of people" who are going to jail for it. Cite
    a case for me, please of someone going to jail for doing

    even the RIAA in its file sharing lawsuits doesn't send
    people to jail. That would only be in a criminal
    prosecution for copyright infringement brought by the doj.

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