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    Re: Music Copy Right

    Posted by Darius A. Marzec, Esq. on 3/02/08

    Mr. Hendrich:

    As you may know, your original expression in form of notes
    on paper is copyright protected from the moment you afix it
    on paper. However, it makes sense to send it to the
    copyright office for added protection.

    If you would like to discuss this matter further, please
    schedule a consultation in my office.

    Darius A. Marzec, Esq.

    On 1/12/08, John hendrich wrote:
    > hello
    > i have compose a music
    > what should i sent to copy right office
    > and what should i expect to recive from copy right office ?
    > and how can i show others that i am the real owner of that
    > music
    > for example if some website use my word , i need to show
    > them some proof
    > what are those proof
    > thanks

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