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    Re: Original 1915 contour bottle drawing

    Posted by brian on 6/25/08

    On 3/23/08, Jeff wrote:
    > Do I need to worry about copyright infringement if I was to
    > sell copies of my grandfather's sketch of the contour
    > Coca-Cola bottle. My grandfather designed the contour
    > coca-cola bottle in 1915. The sketch which he drew, before
    > producing the first prototypes, is in my possession and to
    > this day has never been seen by the public. I would like to
    > produce copies of the sketch and sell them, but I'm
    > concerned that it might be infringing on the Coca-Cola
    > Company's copyrights. I'm wondering if this drawing can be
    > considered public domain, but I'm not sure since it seems
    > fall under an unusual set of circumstances.

    Why not contact coke and ask if they'd be interested in
    buying it for their historical archives? Aside from that,
    what kind of contract did you grandpa have with Coke in
    1915? Was he an emloyee or independent?

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