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    Re: copyright

    Posted by Darius A. Marzec, Esq. on 9/30/07

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am not satisfied with the "law expert" advice that you
    categorically can not copyright a phrase. It really depends
    on the details. The contributor seems to be addressing
    trademarks in his or her reply. If you would like to discuss
    the matter further, please contact me for a consultation.
    Darius A. Marzec, Esq.

    On 8/22/07, Law Expert wrote:
    > On 5/16/06, goldsmith wrote:
    >> hi, how do i go about copyrighting a phrase?
    > You can't.. It has to be a company's slogan, and even then it
    > doesn't really protect it from being used, only prevents
    > companies from using it as their own.

    Marzec Law Firm

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