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    Re: Copyright question

    Posted by Andrew Fowler on 6/18/08

    On 11/17/06, Nick wrote:
    > I'm creating a website for my Insect 108 class and when i
    > asked my teacher about this copyright question he didnt
    > seem to know.
    > http://
    > I found 4 pictures without any copyright on the page.
    > Which originally led me to believe it was free pictures
    > but now im not so sure. I've checked their main page on
    > these insects and on that page there is a copy right.
    > http://
    > Are these pictures free to use or do they have copyright
    > protection on them?

    Internet copyright law says that when a website is created
    it is considerd published, so technically all graphics, and
    content on a webpage are copywrighted automatically when
    uploaded to a server. Now, publishing something publicaly
    its obviouse people are gonna use it, so its reasonable for
    you to use it as long as your not selling anything or
    benifiting financially from the image. Educations sites, are
    usally internet copyright exceptions. So unless stated that
    its not free for use, you can use it. If worst comes to
    worst, i'm sure all they would do is e-mail you and ask you
    to remove it. But you have a resonable expectation for
    athurized use, so its cool.

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