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    Re: DMCA Notice

    Posted by Law Student Blogger on 1/11/10

    On 4/15/07, Law Student wrote:
    > I'm a current JD candidate looking looking for an attorney
    > to e-mail a DMCA notice to a website operator on my behalf.
    > I've already drafted a notice that conforms to the DMCA;
    > I'm just looking for an attorney to e-mail it and forward
    > any response to me. This shouldn't take more than five
    > minutes of your time. I'm on a student budget and looking
    > to pay no more than $25. Please e-mail me if you can handle
    > this.

    As a fellow law student and blogger, I have to say that I
    don't think you need an attorney for this. I've sent a number
    of notices out myself and in all but one case, the infringing
    material was removed promptly by the ISP or the site operator.
    Even in the rare case, however, the situation was resolved
    within a week without need for an attorney.

    Unless the website is operated by a large corporation, you
    should be just fine on your own.

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