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    Re: Fair use vs CR infringment?

    Posted by Tony S on 9/01/07

    No one can offer any help here?

    On 7/10/07, Tony S wrote:
    > Hi all.
    > As an artist am i allowed to paint an "Original"
    > painting/drawing of a copywritten character and sell
    > that "Original" art?
    > Also...
    > Am i by law allowed to display that art on my website as a
    > representation of my abilities and artistic talent.
    > Now...keep in talking about a 1 of. Not prints
    > and or reproductions of my art. Just the original art
    > itself. A one of a kind.
    > Example....I do a painting of Lady Death which is a
    > copywritten Char. and i sell said art on ebay.
    > Later down the road the owner sees my site and demands i
    > remove the pix af my "original" art that are in likness of
    > his copywritten char IE Lady Death.
    > Keep in mind...this is not art based on existing art. but
    > it is a likness of a existing char. The scene depicting
    > Lady Death that i painted is totaly original and NOT based
    > off of any prior published work.
    > Where in this do i have a legal leg to stand on if any at
    > all?
    > Thx for any help guys.

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