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    Post: non support Felonies?

    Posted by mario on 3/15/06

    Im inquiring about my brother who lives in TX. He has not
    made any payments for child support for over 10 years in
    the state of WIsconsin. He owes well over 100k plus has two
    pending charges. These charges are again well over 10 years
    old. One is for Domestic (second degree sexual assault) is
    what they listed as. They were living together at the time
    and do have kids together. The other is "theft by contract"
    a job he never finished due to an aguement with customer,
    from my understanding he didn't go back. (still should over
    at least finished job my opinion), but never the less this
    too is considered a felony charge. During this 10 years of
    non payments and "pending charges" he has been questioned
    in TX about this and taken into custody,but always let go
    because this was more than "2" states away so Wisconsin did
    not persue in getting him. What is the statue of
    limitations on charges like this? Can child support be
    dropped? None of the women he has children with do not want
    anything to do with him. What can I do in Wiscosnin to help
    him now. He is (might) be on his way here , now TX told him
    that Wisconsin is going to persue legally. I hope this all
    works out for him, but any advise would very helpfull.

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