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    Re: public assistance/disability & disqualified

    Posted by M'sta Mikey on 3/20/06

    On 3/17/06, disabled for real wrote:
    > On 3/17/06, disabled for real wrote:
    >> I am currently receiving public assistance. I tried to once
    >> some time ago apply for disability only to be disqualified.
    >> My pa case was closed because I did not comply with work
    >> program, meaning I didn't show for an appt w/work program
    >> caseworker. I already went through this procedure and was
    >> examined by their and SSA's doctors and found unfit to
    >> work. I have uncontrolled hypertension and extremely
    >> chronic asthma, which I had all my life (asthma). In fact,
    >> as a child I was receiving disability from SSA for the same
    >> thing. Now some days are good days but in this day and age
    >> no employer wants to be understanding about someone who has
    >> to call out sick every month, even if you have
    >> documentation to prove it. I am now 41 years old which
    >> makes my chances of getting a new job every month even
    >> less. I don't know why no one else has the same logic about
    >> this. It's not my fault I was born with a chronic
    >> condition. Just because I can walk, talk, see and hear
    >> doesn't mean that I am not disabled. Is there anything I
    >> can do to defend my case. I keep going to fair hearings
    >> when my case is closed. Then my case is reopened and no
    >> sooner than a few weeks I get the another appt for the work
    >> program. It's a vicious circle I'd like to put an end to.
    >> If I didn't have to spend so much time defending myself, I
    >> could figure out how to do some kind of work from home. I
    >> sincerely appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks
    >> for reading.
    > I guess I should mention I'm in New York.

    FYI - You've posted on the wrong forum. This is not a case of
    criminal defense.

    If I may, what does your attorney have to say about this? Only
    he/she knows your case history and only he/she can provide
    appropriate assistance.

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