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    Re: defimation of character

    Posted by Darius A. Marzec, Esq. on 5/08/07

    First of all, where are you? Suits based on slander or
    libel are commonly brought in court (sometimes as
    counterclaims). Be aware that the usual defense to
    defamation is truth. Statements in court or to police
    officers may or may not be qualifiedly or absolutely
    privileged, depending on the circumstances. In situations
    where the alleged defamer claims refuge in qualified
    privilege, you may have to make a greater showing to prove
    defamation. In addition to claims for defamation, you may
    have had your rights to privacy invaded as well and could
    bring other claims. Consult a qualified attorney in your
    state to get further information. Thanks

    On 5/08/07, Vassie wrote:
    > How can you stop someone from spreading false claims about
    > you? What I would like to know is can you put sanctions on
    > someone if they keep making claims to public agencies, ie
    > police, CPS? I would like to know how to stop this ie, can
    > I take them to court for harrassment, defimation of
    > character? If so, how should I proceed and what should I
    > file? Can someone please help me?


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