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    Re: Social Security Benefits to Felons

    Posted by SSARP on 10/11/08

    Juan, The situation you describe is not unusual, you should
    consult an SSA lawyer about your case. I have not seen many SSA
    Q&A's on this board, what state do you live in ?, Possibly your
    local legal aid or pro bono office can give you some free advice
    and maybe even assist you.

    Cases like the one you describe are interesting because,
    generally you would think people are eligible for "social
    benefits" benefits in our society. Federal law in some cases
    singles out persons convicted of certain offenses. I know that
    SSA has a "Fleeing Felon rule", but if you don't fall in that
    category, perhaps your OK with SSA. Definately touch base with
    an SSA attorney.

    Best of luck with your situation.

    On 10/10/08, Juan Colon wrote:
    > On 6/03/07, SSDI Lawyer wrote:
    >> I've learned that Social Security is not available to
    >> felons convicted of a felony and serving time. What if a
    >> person spent a year in Federal lockup and plead guilty to
    >> time served. During the time served he was not "convicted
    >> of a felony" and thus eligible for benefits. Where would
    > I
    >> research this. I have one case on point which allowed
    >> benefits to the individual up until he plead guilty. What
    >> is your take on this?

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