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    Re: most effective way to get clients for solo criminal def

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles, LA on 6/27/06

    Dear GGG,

    OK, GGG, here it is. Run an ad in the Classifieds, as
    near the front as possible, preferably under Public
    Announcements which says:

    "DON'T GET a court-appointed lawyer! You can afford me.
    Call me, let's talk! GGG, Attorney; address; phone."

    Then get ready to start taking calls and opening new
    files. Learn to open a file fast. Work on a retainer fee:
    whatever they are able and willing to pay, to cut loose of.
    Call it a retainer and work against that. With criminal
    cases, you can handle ten cases just as easily as one. It's
    just a matter of jockying paper. The the D.A. (prosecutor)
    can't try but one at a time. Don't plead anybody guilty to
    anything, unless the prosecutor makes you an offer you can't

    Also, you'll see that you get many calls for other types
    of legal business, not just criminal business; for the
    message is that you'll work with them on the fee. Most
    lawyers quote reasonable fees that most prospective clients
    either can't pay or are not willing to pay. Of course, you
    pretty much must handle accident cases at the same time, for
    you handle these on the usual one-third contingency. This is
    where you will make your real money, but the criminal
    business will get you known as a lawyer and will serve as a
    feeder for accident cases; and at the same time it will
    provide you the cash-flow that you need to be able to take
    money home to your wife or girl-friend, and with which to
    finance your accident cases until you can get them settled
    and make some good money.

    This is the best-kept trade secret in the legal
    profession. However, p lease don't tell these other Louisiana
    lawyers what I have discovered. They all feel sorry for me,
    having to advertise in the Classifieds. What they don't know
    won't hurt them! When you make your first million, at least
    send me a case of Crown Royal.

    Good luck!


    Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    Lake Charles, LA

    On 4/22/06, ggg wrote:
    > Any solos on this board? I'm thinking about starting my own
    > practice and I'm brainstorming for my business plan and
    > initial start-up budget. What's been the most effective
    > method of advertising/way to get clients for you?
    > This is what I plan to do:
    > -have a website
    > -get put on the list for court appointed attys
    > -yellow pages
    > -local newspaper ad
    > Any tips?

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