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    Re: being read your miranda rights

    Posted by FS on 12/12/07

    On 10/20/07, notacriminal wrote:
    > I, along with four other people, was arrested the other
    > night for underaged drinking and being drunk in public.
    > I'm an 18 year old male. There were about 7 policemen
    > while we were getting questioned and put under arrest and
    > NONE of them bothered to read us our rights. You could say
    > I might have forgotten that they read them, since I was
    > drunk and all, but from the minute I saw the marked car, I
    > knew we were going to get put in the drunk tank and I was
    > waiting the whole night to get my rights read to me, it
    > never happened. What can I do?

    Miranda only applies if you are in custody and are being
    subject to incriminating questions. If those two things are
    present, Miranda must be read before the questioning.

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