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    Post: Double jeorpardy

    Posted by Mike B on 12/31/07

    I was locked up for burglery, trespassing, Terroristic
    threats and firearms act reckless endangerment for putting
    squaters out of my home. But I was arrested and on bail
    and attending pre-hearing for these charges and then at
    the second hearing I was rearrested for the same complaint
    and charges due to a era. I was locked up for 32 days
    until the found out i was telling the truth on this matter
    I was told that the case would be disposed of after i
    recieved a signature bail to get out of jail on these
    charges. well they have proceded as if this is a new case
    and the origanal charges were withdrawn for failure to
    procecute. please advise me

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