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    Re: time or(death)

    Posted by Hawk on 5/20/08

    On 2/17/08, The Hawk wrote:
    > On 1/02/08, Gerri wrote:
    >> When did excaping become more of a crime then wounding a
    >> police officer, 140 years? AR, needs to catch up with the
    >> time, you don't rehablitate a man by telling him to die in
    >> prison,There is no crafts, hobbies, job training of any
    >> kind in some of the State Prisons, how in GODS NAME can a
    >> man be gorgiven if the prison dosen's start
    >> first?????????????????????????????????????????
    > sounds as tho ARK. has a personal thing against this man, his
    > crimes don't read as tho he got any thing called justice I
    > think they should have said lifen 140 years, who do they
    > think he is ABRAHAM, I don't blame him I,d run to who wants
    > to die when justice has been abused. THE HAWK

    Thank You , I know there are more people out there that still
    beleives in justice, and in this man's case there was no
    justice but we are fighting the system to give him a chance' by
    the way I would rud like a scaulded DOG, Slap a child molesters
    hand and say go home and don;t do that again, WHERE IN THE WORLD

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