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    Post: CA Initiatives to Reduce Overcrowding in State Prisons

    Posted by Old Gringo on 1/07/08

    The highly political issue of overcrowding in CA prisons has
    received little input it appears from the criminal practice
    segment in CA. I would assume that there would be many
    filings similar to "friends of the court" briefings by
    this group to encourage a more effective option that simply
    build more prisons... toward that end, more case revenue
    would accrue if the state was forced to entertain sentence
    modifications more favorably.

    This revenue could be exploited much in the same as as H&R
    Block et al launch a full-scale assault on the IRS each tax
    season on the behalf of taxpayers. Thus, the law firms seem
    to turn away from this market niche.. as if they have opted
    to be part of the problem versus part of the solution to the
    over crowding dilemma that CA is facing.

    One would hope that the practicing attorneys in CA would be
    politically neutral in this issue.. after all, they have
    never been shy when it comes to personal injury litigation..
    so why not see this as a viable market niche to exploit?

    It would benefit the taxpayer, the attorneys and, last but
    not least, the inmates serving extremely long sentences for
    non-violent and non-drug related offenses. "The quality of
    mercy is never strained..." doesn't apply in CA's "hang 'em
    high" social construct. Where is Gloria Allred when we need
    her to champion the rights of incarcerated women in CA...
    uncharacteristically silent... letting Arnold have his way..
    with female inmates... or so it seems.

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